Preparing for the Spring

How was your winter? Hope all of you had a great Christmas & holidays. Well, it’s really nice to see the world did not meet the end on year 2012. So, we are alive and back to our regular works again. Have you thought about your spring cleaning? Some people really love to wait till the spring is officially announced, I mean till the month of April. Nevertheless, I would advise you to get prepared from this March as there is no guarantee that you will always have so much time in Aprils. The earlier you start your cleaning stuff the more time you will get to sort the things.

Let’s just make a checklist for your spring cleaning. Hope this will work for you. 

  1. Start from your refrigerator and pantry. Simply, sort out all the expired food items and put them out. It’s not a very hard work to do, you can simply check the expiry dates or the manufacturer’s website to see how much time the product remains fresh. Easy, isn't it?
  2. Take a look over any lawn maintenance chemicals you have. Yes, the chemicals you have used in this winter might get expired or leaking. You got to remove the expired items. For leaking items it might be pretty dangerous if you cannot remove them safely. So, safety first!
  3. Winter leaves but dusts remain! So you need to move your furniture(Definitely including bed) and use vacuum cleaner or sweep the floors. It’s a bit hard work, right? You can definitely find out a professional cleaning company who will take care of it. Remember, if the cleaning service providers are not assuring an eco-friendly solution for you, there is a good chance to have harmful chemical impact. So decide wisely.
  4. Check your kitchen sink, bathroom floor and hard floor. You need to clean the stains and make them looking good again. You can always use towels or dish clothes to mop them. But if you have hard stain on them it will become more difficult. At that case, you can use vinegar too. Yes, a good cleaning company can definitely help you out.  

Cleaning after winter is not always easy but you won’t like to see your home unprepared for the spring. So, start your preparation right away. Simply keep the major things in your mind and leave the hardest parts to a professional cleaning company. If you are residing in West London area and would love to have a competitive quote, simply make us a toll free call (Free Phone 08006 12 13 78) and we will be there to make your life easier. 

Part # 2 of this blog will be published tomorrow. Stay connected!


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