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Tired of ineffective house cleaning services? Looking for high quality, timely and punctual services? If yes, then your search is over! DS Eco Cleaning offers you top class professional house cleaning London service with the most amazing package.

Most often it gets very tough to keep the house in proper condition given our daily hectic routines. Whether you are a housewife or a working woman, the daily list of responsibilities is quite intimidating. With such pressing duties and jobs, how can we make sure that while we work hard for our family and ourselves, our house remains in proper shape and condition at all times?

Why Professional House Cleaning London Company?

Regular house cleaning in London is a must. You need to ensure that your house in cleaned on a regular basis because not only is it essential but also very crucial. Here are some of the reasons why you need to have your house cleaned regularly.

A Neat & Tidy Environment accelerates positive moods

Having your house cleaned on a regular basis ensures that your house is in proper condition and that everything is in place. It means that everything is organized and untangled. This not only refreshes your mood but also helps you carry out other things more easily without haphazardly finding something here and there.


One of the most important reasons why you should hire professional house cleaning London Company is to make sure that your house is not just clean but also hygienic. Regular house cleaning ensures that the environment that you and your family live in is safe and healthy for the health of your family.

House Cleaning London Eco Services

While a lot of our competitors are very new with regard to eco-friendly cleaning solutions, DS Eco Cleaning has been into it since day 1. No one else knows better about environment cleaning tools and procedures than us.

We are offering professional carpet cleaning, wooden floor, natural stone and steam house cleaning London services, to name a few.

By choosing an environment-friendly service, you are guaranteed with a healthier home.

Quality Service

Our sole priority is quality services for our customers. We want to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and for that we manage our services in such a way that they are effective and well as efficient.

Professional & Reliable Cleaners

Here at DS Eco Cleaning Services we not only know our staff, we know about them too – after all, it is our reputation which is at stake every time we are fortunate enough to take on a new client.

We want you to have complete peace of mind, which is why all our cleaners are covered by our comprehensive liability insurance and can be CRB checked on your request, so you have nothing to worry about

Our house cleaning in London is available to you 7 days a week, allowing you to decide when is the best time for you. Our staff are as helpful and flexible as possible, so in addition to carrying standard cleaning duties, laundry and ironing can be included. Our cleaners are also able to do one-off tasks by arrangement.

So, trust us with your residential cleaning London services and add convenience to your life!

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Spring cleaning

The snow has melted, the grey clouds have partially lifted, and the chill in the air has dissipated, the dreary months of winter are now behind us, and the delightful bright and sunny months of spring are on the horizon. An effective way of shaking off that dreary wintery veil that has come to rest over your life is by enacting a thorough spring clean. Sweep away the ashy residue from the many nights that your fire was blazing, wipe away the accumulating moisture that has found itself entrenched in many areas of your home, and clean that plush carpet which has had countless muddy feet trampling across it on a regular basis.

Domestic cleaners

Ready to hire a domestic cleaning company? Use this as a guide:

Preparing for the Spring

How was your winter? Hope all of you had a great Christmas & holidays. Well, it’s really nice to see the world did not meet the end on year 2012. So, we are alive and back to our regular works again. Have you thought about your spring cleaning? Some people really love to wait till the spring is officially announced, I mean till the month of April. Nevertheless, I would advise you to get prepared from this March as there is no guarantee that you will always have so much time in Aprils. The earlier you start your cleaning stuff the more time you will get to sort the things.

Preparing for the Spring

Preparing your home for the new season is always a good idea. New season comes with a new flavour and definitely you won’t like to leave your home as it was during the foggy winter. Yeah, you need to think about your time as well as economic issues. No matter how you plan to refurbish your home, it will need some time and labour. Anyways, this is the part 2 of our Spring cleaning tips for you.

House cleaning London

Going green is currently so in style these days that even professional cleaning services are employing environment-friendly ways to clean houses. However, eco cleaning is not merely a trend - it’s a good way of ensuring that cleaning a home doesn’t mean damaging nature. And while there are green cleaning method that can’t fully give a house the proper scrubbing it deserves, there are Eco cleaning in London ways that are both green and effective.


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