Windows cleaning

You should regularly clean your windows to maintain your home at its greatest shape. Window cleaning is a fairly simple procedure; however if you haven’t cleaned your windows for a while, grime may have settled in the grooves and these will need a bit more persuasion to come off. At first you will need to gather some window cleaner, a squeegee, some sponges and a razor blade scraper. You can find all these items in your local stores. Now let’s get started.

Firstly wet your window with the window cleaner, which will prevent the glass from any scratches that may occur. Use the scraper to remove as much dirt, soil, paint or wax as you can. You will also have to wet the scraper with cleaning solution to prevent any scratches. Afterwards, scrub the glass and the window seal with a wet sponge to remove any dust or debris. Pay close attention to the corners of the frame where grime usually settles.

Now saturate the squeegee with the window cleaner and start the first stroke from a top corner of the window. Draw the stroke along the top of the window seal and clean the squeegee blade with the solution to take off the grime. Now start with the other corner and draw the blade towards the bottom half. After cleaning the blade again, draw the squeegee from the bottom and clean the rest of the window. Repeat the process to clean any untouched portion of the window. Once you have removed all the dirt and steins, use a dry sponge or towels to remove excess cleaner or water from the glass. Let the window air dry. You can see for yourself how a shining clean window changes the appearance of your whole house.

Window cleaning has significant importance in commercial places. Specially, when your office space reflects the overall environment. For professional window cleaning service specialized for commercial cleaning, feel free to contact us.