Metal cleaning

Cleaning metals at home is an important procedure, as we often have to clean our jewellery or kitchen equipments. The easiest way to clean metals is using readymade metal cleaners that you can easily obtain from any superstore. However if you are concerned about the chemicals used in these cleanser and want to save the environment from the hazards, you may wish to make your own metal cleaner. It is pretty easy to clean metals at home. You just have to choose the right products to clean the right metal.

To clean copper or brass you can simply use tomato juice or some hot vinegar. Tomato juice is a natural bleach which can easily cut through grime on these metals. Just soak the metal in the juice and let it sink in for thirty minutes, then rinse with clear water and repeat if certain spots need more attention. If you want to clean aluminium, you can immerse it in water with one cup of tomato juice and bring it to boil. After that wipe the metal with a clean cloth and let it try.


You will have to be a bit more careful for valuable metal works, such as jewellery or ornamental pieces. You can clean silver by damping a wash cloth in ammonia and polishing the metal gently till the grime comes off. To clean ornamental copper, rinse it with soapy water, wipe gently and let it dry. Take extra care not to rub vigorously as your metals will lose their shine if treated too roughly.


No matter what type of metal you want to clean, our expert cleaners are always dedicated to give you the best. For your metal cleaning purpose in London area, feel free to contact us.