How to clean walls

Imagine if we all had our dream homes with crystal clear floors and walls. But reality is harsh. Our walls get dirty whether we like it or not, and especially if you have a kid who merrily draws on the wall papers. It’s actually easier to clean your wall than to stop them from getting dirty. First you have to gather all the equipments for the procedure. You will need a wall mop and a cleaning frame, some simple detergent, two rinse buckets and clear water.

Dissolve the detergent in some water and put the solution in one bucket. Use the other bucket to hold some clear water. The easiest way to make sure you clean the whole wall is to clean the wall in a framing pattern. Clean 2-4 square feet at a time. Wet the mop in the detergent and wring the excess water. Now put the frame to the wall from the bottom and clean with the damp mop. Then rinse again with the clear water.

Make sure that you clean the wall in overlapping squares, so that you don’t miss any patch. For stronger steins, use a small brush to repeat the process only in that area. It is better to use a gentle detergent; otherwise you may lose the colour of your wall papers. Maintain the cleaning routine to keep your walls fresh and beautiful.

Wall cleaning is always a challenging task for those who barely have spare time to spend on home renovation. If you are living nearby London and would like to have a hand to clean the walls of your home or office, feel free to contact us. We are providing a wide range of home cleaning and office cleaning services and our DS Eco Cleaning Services always loves to hear from his customers. Feel free to contact us.