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Carpet Cleaning in London Town

If you are seeking for carpet cleaning in London town, then you have landed onto the right place! We offer highly professional carpet cleaning London services for customers who wish to have their carpet cleaned in an effective as well as cost-efficient manner.

Whether it is our brand new carpet that we have recently purchased or a very precious old one that lies in our house, daily dust and dirt is something which is inherent and will stick to the carpet no matter how hard we try. So a much more effective and long-term solution is the regular carpet cleaning that can help you deal with this problem easily and efficiently!

Why you need Carpet Cleaning?

Having your carpet professionally cleaned on the regular basis is highly beneficial. Here are some of the reasons why you should have your carpet cleaned!

A renewed look!

Once you get your carpet professionally cleaned, you will actually be able to observe the difference in the appearance that was before and after. Getting your carpet cleaned gives your carpet a fresh and renewed look and makes it visually more appealing just as it was when you bought it.


Since we understand the major reason why carpets get dirty is because of shoes or feet that carry with themselves dust and dirt from various places. We need to ensure that we have our carpets cleaned regularly so that not only do they appear nice and clean but also serve to be safe and hygienic for us and our family.

Our Carpet Cleaning in London Services

We offer highly quality professional carpet cleaning in London where our highly trained and experienced technicians will have your carpet washed effectively thereby giving it a new refreshed look! Our technicians are highly trained and have professional carpet cleaning skills that will ensure that your carpet becomes spotless after cleaning.

Eco Carpet Cleaning in London

At DS Eco Cleaning Services, we are keen to maintain our eco-friendly credentials and have worked hard to overcome the problem of using harsh chemicals often associated with shampoos used with carpet cleaners. We are delighted to have come up with a solution, in both senses of the word, for both carpet and upholstery cleaning while using the most modern machinery combined with totally ecological products.

We like this idea, especially for those with very young children. In using cleaners which use the latest micro splitting technology which allows for the deepest and most effective of cleans. However, of equal importance, there is no residue of harsh chemicals left in the carpet after cleaning which could affect those members of the household who have a habit of crawling around on their hands and knees.

If you are in any doubt about our cleaning products, please don’t be afraid to ask about them and before we do any cleaning for you, we will happily bring the products to you so you can have 100% peace of mind.

                   Our 5 star carpet cleaning method - what's involved?

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Carpets in our homes often tend to get neglected when it comes to thorough cleaning. Dirt and grime builds up as we walk on them, but with regular hovering the effect is so gradual that it can be difficult to notice. The colour of your carpet becomes duller and the fibres lose their bounce a little more each day. However, it is hard to realise the extent of this transformation, as the changes happen only a little at a time. It is just like weight change, the appearance of wrinkles and hair growth (or loss). As we look at ourselves each day, we do not notice the extent of the transformation taking place in our bodies until we compare our appearance to an old photo. If we meet up with an old friend after a long while apart though, any changes to their appearance are instantly apparent. Just so, if your old friend was to visit your home several months after your housewarming – they would likely notice the difference in your carpets. Steam cleaning is the answer – but it does so much more than just keep your carpets looking like new. Below we will look at the four major benefits of regular professional steam cleaning.

As we all know, spilt milk is nothing to cry about. Red wine spilt on a pale coloured or white carpet may seem like altogether another matter. The horror of the moment is not hard to conjure in the imagination. You have friends over for a dinner party. You’ve finished eating and are enjoying reminiscing and sharing tales over a few more bottles of wine. As a particularly exciting point in a story – the narrator stands and begins to gesticulate – wine glass still in hand. Perhaps he stumbles; perhaps someone leaves to use the bathroom and he tries to step aside. It makes no difference. The result is the same: the world seems to slow as you watch the wine glass slip from his fingers and slowly tumble to the floor. There is stunned silence as you all take in the dark stain spreading at his feet. You know the next minutes are crucial if you are going to salvage your carpet, but what should your next move be?

Carpet cleaning

The first rule of keeping carpets clean is to ensure that you vacuum regularly, even if there is little visible sign of dirt. Dirt, dust and grime get trodden into the carpet pile and build up beneath the fibres. While you might not be able to notice any large conspicuous clumps of dirt, you can be sure that it is there. Most dust particles are very small, but they occupy our living spaces in great numbers and can often cause problems such as allergies, as well as giving your carpets a dull, dirty look if left to build up for too long. You should vacuum at least once a week, moving your vacuum cleaner slowly and going over each section of carpet multiple times to ensure that as much dirt as possible is collected. A crevice tool can be used around skirting boards and under radiators to remove dust and fluff that would be difficult to get at with your vacuum cleaner.

Carpet Cleaning in London

Whether it is to cover the floor of a modern apartment in one of London’s premier tower blocks or a traditional Victorian townhouse, many people choose light shades and pastel colours for their carpet. White and cream are particularly popular choices, providing a neutral backdrop for furnishings and upholstery. Carpets in these light colours give rooms a sense of space and light, while also holding in warmth and providing a soft comfortable surface underfoot. The problem with light coloured carpets is keeping them clean, and this can prove to be a big problem for families with a new baby. Chances are, your carpets were fitted before the new addition to your home was even a twinkle in your eye. Suddenly, those pale pastel colours and plush wool finishes may not seem like such a great idea, when faced with the mess a baby or toddler is bound to make.

Clean carpet

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