There are several steps involved in our 5 star professional carpet cleaning service, though all of these may not be necessary in every case. After the carrying out an examination, we will give you honest advice as to the depth of clean we feel will work best for you. You will have complete freedom to opt-out of any part of the process you choose; we will tailor our service to suit your preferences.

1. Examination

As described above, a free examination will be provided to determine the depth of clean needed. This can be booked at a time to suit you, and you are under no obligation to use our service if you are in any way displeased with the result.

2. Pre vacuumCarpet cleaning

The first thing we will do is thoroughly vacuum the carpet using a professional rotating brush vacuum cleaner. This will lift any loose dirt and surface dust out of the carpet pile. Our cleaners use the Sebo Dart 2 and Sebo46 models of vacuum cleaner, which offer professional performance, combined with an economical, lightweight and manoeuvrable design, to ensure that the job gets done as efficiently and unobtrusively as possible.

3. Pre spray

In both domestic and commercial cleaning, pre sprays are widely used to treat carpets before they are cleaned with a specialist carpet cleaning machine. The type of pre spray used on your carpet will depend on the type of carpet and level of soil. One of our favourite pre spray products is M-power Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner concentrate. Made from all natural materials, it contains no substance known to be hazardous and either meets or exceeds every domestic and international regulatory standard.

4. AgitationCarpet cleaning

Agitation is the next stage after vacuuming and spraying. The pre spray cleaning agent must penetrate each carpet fibre in order for it to work efficiently, and the best way to make this happen is through mechanical agitation. At DS Eco Cleaning, our agitation machines of choice are the Rotowash R4b and Sebo Duo, both of which are high spec and do a fantastic job. Using agitation machines, we can perform a dry powder clean on lightly soiled carpets, avoiding the lengthy drying times sometimes associated with wet washes.

5. Extraction

Carpet cleaningWe will rinse your carpet with clean water to remove any residue from the cleaning agents, lifting out the soil with a high-pressure professional carpet extractor. Our favoured extractor is the super-efficient Jaguar 6.6 carpet cleaning machine; light, quiet, and versatile, it allows us to get the job done quickly and with as little inconvenience to you as possible.

6. Grooming

Your carpet will be massaged to reinstate the original carpet pile direction, using an 18 inch carpet pile brush.

7. Deodorise

Sometimes carpet cleaning does not remove bad smells that have become resident within the carpet substrate.  At DS Eco Cleaning, we will be sure to spray your carpet with deodoriser to eliminate any unpleasant odours. We use Natural Odour Neutraliser containing all natural, non-hazardous ingredients.

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